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The Size of Small Straightener for Short Hair

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If you want to use a straightener and you do not have long hair, you had better choose small straightener for short hair. Straightener or usually called as hair iron is a practical tool that can make a variety of hair ranging from wavy, curls, to straight. Then, how to choose straightener for short hair?

Straightener Size for Short Hair

Are you confused to choose straightener for your hair? Well, you have to match a width of hair iron with your length of hair. If your hair is in a short type, you may use hair iron which measures 19 mm – 32 mm. or, you can use a size of 19 mm to get the results of curly hair. If you want to get models of curly wavy, you can use a size of 32 mm.

Then, for you who have hair which is in medium length, you can choose a size of 32 mm. But, you can use a size of 28 mm if you want to get a really curly hairstyle. Or, you can use size 34 mm – 38 mm if you want a curly hairstyle which slightly falls.

Common Mistakes in Using Straightener

After knowing how to choose straightener based on your hair length, you have to know the common mistakes that are often made when using straightener/hair iron. What are they?

The first mistake; not combing the hair

You have to remember that you should comb your hair until there are no twisted hair sticks before you poke your hair In order that you can poke more easily your hair.

The second mistake; the temperature is too high

Sticking your hair by using high temperature will not make your hair go straight faster. The result that you will get is that your hair will be damaged. You should adjust the temperature of the hair iron with your thickness hair.

The third mistake; not using a serum heat protector

By using a serum heat protector before using a vise, your hair will not directly be exposed to the high temperatures. Besides that, vitamin hair, leave on conditioner, or serum combing can also be used to protect the shaft of hair from the heat of hair iron.

The fourth mistake; poking hair which is still wet

Before you poke your hair, you have to make sure that your hair is really clean. Dirty hair will be difficult to paint because it is too oily or stiff.

Then, do not poke your hair if your hair is in wet conditions. If you do this, you will damage your hair follicle. Then, your hair will be brittle.

The fifth mistake; not cleaning the straightener

You have to clean your hair iron routinely because it is important to maintain the health of your hair.

If you never clean your straightener, the heat will mix with its accumulated dirt and it will make your hair break from the outside.

Well, those are the five mistakes that are often made when using a straightener. Then, you can choose straightener size based on your hair such as small straightener for short hair.


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