It is obviously important for us to have a healthy skin diet for the health of our skin. Healthy skin will make us look younger and healthier. As the largest part of our body, the skin requires attention. Drinking a lot of water and consuming the foods below will be a kind of good attention. Foods to make our skin healthy Red peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, and strawberries. These are rich in nutrients and Vitamin C. If you have two cup-servings of fruits and one cup-serving of red pepper or broccoli every day, you will have a smooth and healthy skin. Dark-orange and red vegetables together with leafy green will make your skin healthy and fresh. Squash and sweet potatoes are the examples. They have antioxidant properties. This will make your body turn the beta-carotene to be Vitamin A to regulate cell production. The lutein and lycopene in those kinds…