Knowing how often to wash jeans to increase longevity is necessary for those who love jeans for their versatility, coziness, and flexibility. Read this article sharing how to do it. Jeans and the reasons why many people love them From toddlers to the elderly can wear jeans. Whatever shapes and age we have most of us love to wear jeans. Jeans suit everybody. It is also fine to wear jeans for the whole year. In winter, summer, autumn, and spring, we are always fine to wear jeans. Even in summer when the weather is normally hot, we can wear short jeans or mini-skirt jeans combined with thin and loose tops. When in winter, wearing jeans combined with a sweater is a cool thing to do. Jeans also come various in style, color, and price. Skinny fit, Bell-bottomed Jeans, Stretch Jeans, Bootleg are some of the jeans’ styles that you can…