Eye Treatment


We need to know the causes of dry skin on eyelids. They are shampoo, food, cleansers, cosmetic such as eye-shadows, foundations, and eyeliner, hair dye, health problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and underlying skin condition. What to do As we know that the skin around our eyes is very sensitive, in fact, it is the most sensitive among other body parts. We should apply creams and gels special for the skin around eyes. These creams and gels will make the skin in that area moisture. We also can wash the area with a gentle baby shampoo. Eat and drink more fruits and vegetables. These are believed to make the skin fresher and healthier. Have enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Avoid allergens. Stop using your make-ups when your eyelids are dry. Stop touching your face and eyelids just like that without realizing whether the hands are dirty or not. Keep your hands…