Learning How to Polish Shoes in a Short Time

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It seems easy how to polish shoes in such a short time. If you are used to doing it you won’t have any difficulties. If you rarely polish your shoes, you will have difficulty polishing your shoes in urgent. A great way to save money—polishing your leather shoes by yourself. Your shoes will last longer.

The tools you need to polish leather shoes

  • Horsehair brush. Make sure the brush has a sturdy handle and natural bristles.

  • Wax shoe polish. Be careful with the color. It should match well with the color of your shoes.

  • A soft cloth made from a worn white shirt or a soft white rag.

  • A shoe tree.

Six step to polish shoes

  • Set the place to polish your shoes. Make sure you cover the area with an old newspaper or cloth. Never use the place with carpet or the carpet ends up soiled by the wax shoe polish.

  • Insert the shoe tree into a shoe. This tree is good to maintain the shape of your shoes. If you don’t have a shoe tree, you can have newspaper rolls to insert into each shoe.

  • With the brush, clean the dirt, grime, old-polish residue, and salt.

  • With a white cloth wrapped around your index and middle fingers, you can rub the cloth in the wax, and then gently start brushing your shoes with a circular motion. Don’t ever miss any spots and corners of your shoes. Don’t ever apply the wax on the heels or rubber parts. If you have finished brushing one of your shoes, you should set it aside and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Then, continue brushing the other one.

  • After the shoes dry, you should buff the shoes with the horsehair brush. With a light stroke, you can remove the polish on the shoes.

  • Check the whole parts of the shoes. If you have a trapped polish and holes, you will have to remove the trapped polish carefully with a toothpick.

It’s very easy, don’t you think? Hopefully, you can follow these steps of how to polish shoes to make your leather shoes like brand new.


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