Knowing How to Wash Bras without Bending Wire Properly

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Women love to wear underwire bras should know how to wash bras without bending wire. Some women will hand wash their underwire bras and some will use the washing machine.

The benefits of underwire bras

The underwire bras are great to wear to give a good definition to women’s bust line. These bras are perfect to give additional support to the breast. Most women will find these bras various in prints and styles. Another great thing about these bras is its flexibility to wear with almost all kinds of outfits. Women wanting to have a great silhouette of their breast without having an additional bulk, the underwire bras are the answer.  These bras with a high quality will guarantee longevity.

The best ways to hand wash underwire bras

First thing first, prepare lukewarm water in a washing bowl. Next, pour little non-alcohol detergent into the water and let it dissolved. After that, put the bras in the sink and rub the fabric to get rid of all visible dirt in a gentle motion. After working out, your underwire bras will be really dirty, so you should soak them for an hour first. This will make you easier to rub the fabric. If you want to hand wash more than one pair of bras, you should gather them based on the color similarity. If there are many colors of your bras to hand wash, just start from the lighter color ones to the darker. This will make the lighter color bras look brighter. It is great if the darker bras are hand washed separately. The next thing to do is rinse your bras with clean lukewarm water. Finally, place the bras that have been hand washed on a clean white towel and press them gently to remove the excess water and moisture. Before drying them on a hanging rack, you should reshape the cups properly.

The best ways to machine wash underwire bras

  • The first thing to do is fasten all of the eye closures of your underwire bras.
  • Put the bras into a mesh laundry bag and zip it properly. If you have bright and light bras, you should separate them and put them in different mesh laundry bags. This is good to maintain the color of your bras.
  • Place the laundry bags in the washer and choose the gentle cycle option and add enough soft washing detergent. It is possible to wash the bras with other clothes as long as they are delicate and lightweight. Never wash your bras with heavy clothes like jeans or towels since they will make your bras’ wire bent.
  • After the machine stops washing, take the bras out of the washing machine and reshape the cups of the bras gently and finally hang them to dry.  

So, what do you think? Isn’t it easy to wash your underwire bras? It is also necessary that you not dry your bras right under the sunlight for so long since the wire inside will get rusty easily. Rusty wire is not good for your skin surely. Hopefully, the article about how to wash bras without bending wire indeed is beneficial to you.


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