Knowing How often to Wash Jeans to Increase Longevity

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Knowing how often to wash jeans to increase longevity is necessary for those who love jeans for their versatility, coziness, and flexibility. Read this article sharing how to do it.

Jeans and the reasons why many people love them

From toddlers to the elderly can wear jeans. Whatever shapes and age we have most of us love to wear jeans. Jeans suit everybody. It is also fine to wear jeans for the whole year. In winter, summer, autumn, and spring, we are always fine to wear jeans. Even in summer when the weather is normally hot, we can wear short jeans or mini-skirt jeans combined with thin and loose tops. When in winter, wearing jeans combined with a sweater is a cool thing to do. Jeans also come various in style, color, and price. Skinny fit, Bell-bottomed Jeans, Stretch Jeans, Bootleg are some of the jeans’ styles that you can choose. For those reasons, it is understandable if people buy the ones of high quality. It is a kind of investment.

How often is it to wash jeans for their longevity?

Talking about the frequency of washing jeans, some of us may think it is every time our jeans get dirty we should wash them. However, the dirtiness of some people is leveled. We may think that someone’s jeans are too dirty to wear, and he/she may think vice versa. Experts say that jeans or denim need different care compared to other clothes. Experts say that we can wash our jeans once in a season. Some people say that jeans are created to withstand the hard works, so they must be stronger than other clothes. Even if the jeans get soiled a bit, the owner can just do the spot cleaning and to kill the bacteria, he/she can stick them in the freezer. Some of the experts say that if our jeans get dirty we can just spot clean them with a toothbrush.

How to wear jeans properly

  • First thing first, before throwing your jeans into the washing machine, turn the jeans inside out. This is to maintain the front part of the jeans.
  • If you want to wash more than one pair of jeans, you should make sure that all the pairs are similar in color.
  • All we have to do is always wash jeans with cold water. Cold water is great to maintain the dye.
  • In the washing machine, you should add a cup of vinegar. Remember, if your jeans are brand new, you cannot use laundry soap to wash them, just use the vinegar to set the dye and to prevent a large amount of dye to transfer to another cloth. If the jeans are not new, you should use only little detergent to wash them. This is the best way to maintain the color of the jeans.
  • If the machine has finished washing your jeans, take them out and reshape them. Zip them up, pull the legs down, and when you dry them, just lay them flat on the drying rack. It is not allowed to put your jeans in the dryer. The heat of the dryer will ruin the finish and stretch fiber. When your jeans get dry they will feel a bit stiff. Just rub them with your hands to lose them up.

How about you? How do you wash your jeans and how often do you do it? It is hoped that the article sharing how often to wash jeans to increase longevity gives you enough information.


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