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Kinds of Food for Healthy Skin

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If you want to have healthy skin, you have to be smart to choose food for healthy skin. Healthy skin will be able to carry out its duties as the body’s first defense against germs and environmental changes. So that the function can work well, then, consume foods that are good for skin health.

Another function of the skin that is rarely understood is its role in helping bone health. Yes, thanks to the help of the skin, sunlight can be converted into vitamin D which is very important for bones.

food for healthy skin

Healthy Skin Characteristics

Healthy skin can be identified by the characteristics below:

a.   Clean

Healthy skin can be seen in plain view has clean characteristics, no pimples and spots, and blackheads.

b.   Even color

Healthy skin is characterized by a consistent and even color. Darker colors indicate excessive accumulation of melanin in the area. Conversely, areas that are lighter or lighter indicate less melanin activity.

c.   Good elasticity

Skin with good elasticity, when the skin of the arm is slightly pinched, will easily return to its original state. Skin elasticity is closely related to moisture conditions (hydration) and vascularity (perfusion).

d.   Nothing feels

The point is that our skin does not trigger our attention because there is an uncomfortable feeling in a particular area. Healthy skin will “feel nothing”, meaning there is no itching or pain sensation.

e.   Smooth and soft texture

Smooth and soft skin texture is strongly influenced by moisture (hydration) and the layer of dead skin cells (keratin) found on the surface of the skin. The skin will naturally renew itself every 20 days.

6 Foods for Healthy Skin

Let’s discuss what foods can be prioritized to support skin health.

a.   Sweet potato

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are useful for reducing wrinkles and signs of aging of your skin. this food is rich in vitamin A.

b.   Fish


The skin also benefits positively from this food. With sufficient fat needs, the skin can avoid dry and dull conditions. For those of you who are on a low-fat diet, but don’t want skin health to be disturbed, eating fish can be a good choice.

c.   Green tea

green tea

This drink contains catechin compounds that function as antioxidants. Catechins in green tea have been shown to be effective against inflammation and malignancy in the skin.

d.   Avocado


Avocado fruit contains healthy fats, vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. The content of various substances is a very good combination to nourish the skin.

The fat content in avocado fruit may be useful to reduce skin damage. One of the skin damage that can be minimized is caused by sunlight such as premature aging of the skin which causes wrinkled skin.

e.    Broccoli


Green vegetables, like broccoli, can make your skin stay younger by helping fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The more variety of colors contained in vegetables or fruits, the greater the nutrients they contain. Darker broccoli contains more vitamin A and C.

For those of you who want to have healthy skin to old age, then eating food for healthy skin above can help. Make sure that this is balanced with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise so that the results are more optimal.


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