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How to Deal with Peeling Skin on Feet

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There are many reasons to have peeling skin on feet, such as dry skin, sunburn, fungal infection, and dead skin buildup. You cannot peel the skin manually since you will have infection and bleeding. You may follow the ways below. However, if your peeling skin is serious, you should see your dermatologist.

peeling skin on feet

How to deal with peeling skin on feet

  • It is common for the dead skin of your feet to slough off regularly, but if you don’t scrub them, they will be flaky. All you have to do is exfoliate the dead skin with a pumice stone. Before doing that, you should soak your feet to make them soft. Rub slowly the feet with a pumice stone. If you have finished with that, you should rinse, dry, and finally apply feet moisturizer on your feet.

  • If your skin is dry including the feet skin, you should apply feet moisturizing cream or ointment on your feet twice a day. It is great if the feet are wet before applying the moisturizer. It is also recommended that you use the moisturizer containing urea or lactic acid. Those two will hold water longer. These two are dangerous for those having eczema or cracked skin though.

  • If you have an Athlete’s foot or fungal infection, you will possibly have peeling skin on feet. Just use anti-fungal cream to apply on between toes and the whole feet. If you have diabetes, pains, tenderness, fever, redness, and discharge, you should see your doctor.

  • If your peeling feet skin is caused by sunburns, you will have to use Aloe Vera to soothe the feet. Just apply the Aloe Vera juice on the feet gently. This will make the feet skin moisture. Don’t ever expose your feet to the sun too much.

  • If the peeling of feet skin you think caused by a certain skin health condition, don’t hesitate to see your doctor right away.

The skin is the largest part of our body, so we should take care of it. Taking a bath, using a good-quality skin product, having enough sleep, consuming healthy foods and drinks, staying away from cigarettes and too much alcohol are great ways to love your skin. Hopefully, the article about peeling skin on feet can be beneficial to you.


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