How to Clean Shoes Safely

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It is great to have the shoe collection. You can wear one of them anytime you want. The problem is that you have to clean them to keep its appearance. This article explains to you how to clean shoes safely without any side effects.

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Clean the Dust with a Dry Brush

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The basic thing you must do is cleaning the shoes with a dry brush. This is an important thing to do, especially to remove the dirt, grime, and dust before washing the shoes. You may also use your old toothbrush but make sure it is dry. Rub the dry brush smoothly to all parts of the shoes and make sure that the dirt is removed from the shoes.

Use Warm Water

Some people are asking about how to clean shoes with water. Do they have to use cold water or warm water? Warm water is the best option. Just remember that the water should be warm and not hot. Then, mix the warm water with laundry detergent. Don’t use too much detergent because a small amount of the detergent is enough to clean the shoes.

Clean the Insoles and Laces Separately

Remove the insoles and laces first before washing the shoes. The insoles and laces have to be cleaned separately to avoid unwanted damage. Definitely, you can clean all the parts maximally and safely.

Use a Soft Sponge

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Now, use a soft sponge. Put the sponge on the warm water. Use the wet sponge to clean the shoes. Just make sure that the sponge is able to absorb the water and the detergent. The thing you need to remember that the tips are not for the leather or foam shoes. Just do it until the shoes totally clean and there is no detergent on the shoes.

Dry the Shoes Naturally

The last thing to do is drying the shoes. It is better not to put the shoes in the dryer machine. Let the wet shoes on the room temperature or get indirect sunlight a little bit. Wait until the shoes dry naturally. It is important to keep all the part of the shoes, especially the parts which will be damaged because of too hot temperature. Now, you know how to clean shoes safely without any serious side effects.


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