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Healthy Skin Diet to Have Healthier and Fresher Skin

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It is obviously important for us to have a healthy skin diet for the health of our skin. Healthy skin will make us look younger and healthier. As the largest part of our body, the skin requires attention. Drinking a lot of water and consuming the foods below will be a kind of good attention.

healthy skin diet

Foods to make our skin healthy

  • Red peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, and strawberries. These are rich in nutrients and Vitamin C. If you have two cup-servings of fruits and one cup-serving of red pepper or broccoli every day, you will have a smooth and healthy skin.

  • Dark-orange and red vegetables together with leafy green will make your skin healthy and fresh. Squash and sweet potatoes are the examples. They have antioxidant properties. This will make your body turn the beta-carotene to be Vitamin A to regulate cell production. The lutein and lycopene in those kinds of foods will help repair the damage from the sunlight. Three cup-servings of them every day is great.

  • Fatty fish like salmon with Omega-3 fatty acids will make the skin moisturized and will prevent the inflammation. Fatty fishes also are the source of Vitamin E, Zinc, and high-quality protein.

  • Consuming green tea containing catechins—the antioxidants regularly is good to prevent the damaged skin caused by the sunlight, to improve the elasticity, thickness, and hydration of the skin, and to slow the aging process. This also good to reduce redness. Sunflower seeds are an excellent example. Make sure you don’t consume the green tea with milk since milk will kill the green tea’s property.

  • Consuming Sunflower seeds is good to make your skin healthy and younger. The seeds are with Vitamin E—the antioxidant.

  • It is also smart to consume soy with isoflavones inside. These isoflavones help us improve collagen, skin elasticity, dryness, and wrinkles. Isoflavones are also great skin protectors from the damage of UV.

It is always interesting to talk about the ways for us to take care of our skin. We need to be disciplined when consuming those foods in order to have healthy skin to make us have better looking and good shape. The article sharing healthy skin diet does give you the inspiration to take care of your skin well, right?


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