Considering the African Red Tea Detox to Lose Weight

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Having the African red tea detox is amazing to lose weight. African red tea or also called Rooibos Tea is the caffeine-free tea coming from the South African’s red bush.

Introducing the African Red Tea

Actually, this South-African tea can be green and red. The fermented one—the red one, is more common though. This tea is low in calories. You will have a naturally sweet taste after drinking the tea. No wonder, many people try to replace less-healthy drinks with much sugar with this African tea. One of the benefits of this tea is to help you lose your weight. In an animal study that was published in 2009, the green rooibos was proved to help regulate the metabolism of glucose that could prevent the increasing level of blood glucose.  

The detox plan with African red tea to lose weight

A female naturopath—Liz Swann Miller believes that detoxifying relates to losing weight. So, she created this program. With African red tea to detox, she says that we can remove all of the toxins in our body, such as free radicals, pollutant, and unhealthy ingredients of junk foods. Most medical communities avoid this way to lose weight, but the naturopath believes that it’s worth trying as long as we don’t make ourselves starving not to eat nutritious foods. Here is the way, you should begin with a three-day cleaning period and then start doing the first phase which will last in five days. In phase 1, where your gut has the process of cleaning and detoxifying, you will lose your weight significantly. In the second phase, you will have the shortest and fastest phase. This phase is also the most restrictive. In the final phase the third, you will be focusing on the liver healing. In every phase, Miller the naturopath tells you what foods and drinks to consume and the best time to have meals, which helps you burn extra fat.

Ideas for self-detoxifying

  • Like other herbal teas, you can make tea with African red tea by yourself. Just add 1.5 teaspoons of this red tea into the boiling water of eight-ounce serving. Before drinking, let the tea colder for five minutes. If you need to taste the tea more you will have to let it colder more than five minutes. This won’t make the tea bitter though. Even if we steep the tea for several days, it will be fine to drink it.
  • Some people love to drink something cold. Just chill the tea in the fridge or add several ice cubes into a glass of hot tea.
  • There are African red tea products available nowadays in various brands including the lozenge form. The lozenge form comes easy and simple so you can bring a box of it everywhere.  

Are you interested to lose your weight with this African tea? Just don’t hesitate to consult your doctor first to avoid negative effects. Hopefully, this article about the African red tea detox gives you enough information.


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