Can Washer Cause Holes in Clothes?

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You may have the answer to the question “Can washer cause holes in clothes?” One thing for sure, we’ll end up in disappointment if our favorite shirt has a hole.

The best answer

The answer to the question is obviously yes. However, often the major causes are us—the owner of the clothes and washing machine. We don’t follow the rules.

The reasons why clothes have holes after machine washed

  • Your clothes with holes may catch on zippers, snaps, belts, or grommets before you machine wash them. The washing machine definitely will worsen the condition. So, it is wise if you check all of the clothes to be machine wash thoroughly first. With a metal file or sandpaper, smooth the rough surfaces of your clothes.
  • Chlorine bleach can be the suspect if you use too much of it. If the clothes cannot use chlorine bleach but you add it anyway, the holes will emerge.  
  • Overloading the washing machine may be the suspect as well. Clothes may be hooked on the buttons, zippers, ornaments, etc. This will affect the cleaning cycle seriously, too. Never do that and make sure all of the zippers and eye closures are fastened before machine washing.
  • We deal with different things including the abrasive surfaces almost every day. They may snag the fabric and make holes in our clothes as well. The countertops made from stones or granites are the worst. So, it is a must for you to check your clothes before you throw them into the washing machine.
  • Most women love to wear underwire bras. Check if one of the wires is missing. This can be the reason for you to have holes in your clothes, too. Besides that, this is so dangerous to wash underwire bra without the laundry bag since it can make the washing machine out of order.
  • If you choose the highest level of the washer’s spin and in fact, the level is too high for your clothes, so your clothes definitely will have holes.  
  • Check your wardrobe, who know it has moths and insects such as silverfish, roaches, beetle, or crickets? They probably love to eat clothes and leave the holes.

How to machine wash clothes properly

You know, to prevent the holes in clothes when you machine wash them, you should sort the clothes. This is an easy thing to do, but some people may be too lazy to do that. Never combine towels, bed sheets, and jeans with soft clothes. Underwire bras should be in a laundry bag special for bras. You should separate clothes with studs, zippers, eye closures, and ornaments from delicate clothes such as the ones made from silk, stockings, and laces. Last but not least, follow the machine rules. If you are not allowed to overload the machine, then don’t do that. If your clothes cannot be washed with chlorine bleach, the forget it.

So, how about you? Do you have your own reason? It is sucks to have holes in our clothes, so we need to do the right thing. It is great if the “Can washer causes holes in clothes” article, gives you the inspiration.


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