The Starving Artist Cookbook

Hey Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, Starving Artists and College Students Too. Here’s a great new book for you, The STARVING ARTIST COOKBOOK “College Students Too” especially college students too. It’s that time of year again. it’s almost here. Back to school, and that includes millions of college students. Well, if you’re not on a meal plan, and even if you are, The Starving Artist Cookbook “College Students Too” is for you.
This book hits it right on the mark. It is filled with a number of recipes, stories, and all sorts of great advice on how to save money through food. We all have to eat don’t we? Yes? In The Starving Artist Cookbook, Daniel Bellino Zwicke shows you how to cook a number of tasty dishes. Dishes that are economical to make and will save you lots of money. And they are all quite easy. Daniel has made sure of that and has tailored this book in quite a nice way to make cooking as easy as possible for The Starving Artist, poor College Student, poor recent graduate (hey in this day and age, many a graduate can’t find a job) or just about anyone who wants to cook money and save. This book is awesome. The way Daniel has laid it out, makes it  pretty darn easy for anyone. He has tailored this for beginning and novice cooks, but even an accomplished cook will find the recipes, methods, and strategies quite helpful.
The book is filled with recipes for the types of food that are most popular with most Americans, including the millions of college students, recent college grads, starving artists, bachelors, and moms everywhere who might be looking for a great book filled with tasty recipes her “Finicky” children will love. Dishes that are easy to prepare and oh-so-tasty, and best of all will save mom thousands of dollars a year. Seriously! 
       The Starving Artist Cookbook has wonderful recipes, for Tacos, Burritos, Chicken Soup, Chili, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce (# 1 Dish of Starving Artists Everywhere), Whistler’s Meatloaf, Bozos Manhattan Clam Chowder, and more. Daniel guides you through the proper way to cook a Burger, how to make The Perfect Steak, how to make Classic Tuna Salad, a dish called Gooey Chop Meat, and how to cook Eggs and Home Fried Potatoes.  
  By following the ideas and recipes in this book, it could be worth $50,000  or more, in the course of a life-time. Not bad for a $14.00 investments. So Moms, get one for yourself, one for your college child, or recent grad, for anyone. This book will save YOU or the person you buy it for tens-of-thousands-of-Dollars. You can’t afford not to get it. I just love it. The STARVING ARTIST COOKBOOK should be “Required reading” for every college student in America. The lessons learned will last them a lifetime and save them $50,000 or more over the course of their lives. Pretty Good. Get it!
Article:  F. Scott Covington