Phuket Phi Phi Island Thailand

Koh Phi Phi 
Phi Phi Island
A Beach on Phi Phi
The Pool at Cabana Hotel Resort Phi Phi Island Thailand
I took my first and much anticipated trip to Asia in the spring of 1996. I flew to Hong Kong, did Macao, and flew off to Bangkok were a spent a few exciting days before going down south to Phuket, Phi Phi, and Krabi and some of the Worlds most beutiful and exotic beaches. The above picture is the pool at the Cabana Hotel Resort which is direct center of Phi Phi Island. At this point on the island, it is a mere 1,000 feet wide, and is something to see when you’re swimming in the pool with to bodies of water on each side of you, just a few feet away. There is a main hotel building along with Bungalos that are available at very low prices. When I was there in 1996, my Bungalow with a fan rented for a poultry $10 a night. A steal! A bungalow with Air Conditioning rented for $3 more a night. I have no idea what these bungalows would rent for these days, but would guess they are are about $24 to $30 a night, which would still be a pretty good deal, I could be wrong. Anyway, Phi Phi Island is quite gorgeous. Its a pretty small island that has small mountains on each end that are joined by the narrow stirp of land with its beautiful beach in the center. The beauty of this island is quite stunning. The island is quiet, and quite nice, but I don’t reccomend a stay of more than 2 days here, it can get a little boring. 
I never even hear of Phi Phi until I went down and was staying on the more famous and much larger island of Phuket. Phuket is quite lovely, and in comparison to Phi Phi, it is large, about 40 miles long, has beautiful beaches (especially Ria Beach), mountains, jungles and forest, and a major nightlife center with Go Go Bars (and Girls) .. I went to Phi Phi after seeing ads on the numerous little street travel agents that advertise tours and stays on Phi Phi .. 
From Phi Phi i went to the gorgeous coastline of Krabi and stayed at a lovely spot on the coast.
Snorkeling a Popular Activity on Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi Raw
Phi Phi Island before its Development
Phang Nga Bay
Off The Coast of Phuket
James Bond Island, Phuket, above and below
The James Bond 007 Film “THE MAN With The GOLDEN GUN”
Starring Roger Moore was Shot in BANGKOK, Pahng Nga Bay PHUKET
Sex Vacation Thailand

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Sex Vacation Thailand

Patong, Phuket
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