EL Chapo Arrives in New York as Donald Trump Leaves

US Military Plane leaves New York 
for Washington DC with Donald Trump on board.
THIS Is IRONIC !! Don’t you Think ???
El Chapo arrives in New York as Donald Trump leaves for Washington  …
El Chapo arrives to a Downtown New York Jail
NEW YORK — Infamous Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who twice escaped from maximum-security prisons in his country, was extradited at the request of the United States to face drug trafficking and other charges and arrived in New York late Thursday.
A plane carrying Guzman landed at a suburban airport, where a caravan of SUVs waited to take him away. Guzman, the convicted leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, one of the world’s largest drug trafficking organizations, was expected to spend the night in a New York jail before his first appearance in a federal courthouse in Brooklyn on Friday, officials said.
Mexico’s Department of Foreign Relations announced Guzman was handed over to U.S. authorities for transportation to the U.S. earlier Thursday, the last full day of Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration and a day before Republican Donald Trump’s scheduled inauguration.
Guzman was taken into custody by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Ciudad Juarez, a border town across from El Paso, Texas.
Guzman, who’s in his late 50s, first escaped from prison in 2001 and then spent more than a decade on the run before he was recaptured, only to escape again in 2015 via a mile-long tunnel dug to the shower in his cell.
The 2015 escape was highly embarrassing for the government of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Mexican officials were seen as eager to hand the headache off to the United States afterward. A court denied Guzman’s appeal and found his extradition was constitutional , the Mexican Department of Foreign Relations said.
In Mexico, Deputy Attorney General Alberto Elias Beltran told reporters late Thursday that Guzman still faces formal charges in 10 other cases.
“When he completes his sentence in … the United States, he will return to Mexico to continue” the prosecutions, he said.
Guzman’s lawyers had fought extradition since his 2016 recapture and said Thursday the Mexican government sent him to the United States to distract the public from nationwide protests over gasoline prices.
“It was illegal. They didn’t even notify us,” lawyer Andres Granados said. “They handled it politically to obscure the situation of the gas price hike. It’s totally political.”
Besides New York, Guzman faces charges in five other U.S. jurisdictions, including San Diego, Chicago and Miami. He could face the possibility of life in a U.S. prison if convicted.
An indictment in New York accuses him of running a massive drug operation that employed thousands of people, laundered billions of dollars in profits back to Mexico and used hit men to carry out murders, kidnappings and acts of torture.
After his recent escape, he became something of a folk legend for a segment of Mexico’s population for his defiance of authorities. He was immortalized in songs known as narco-corridos, ballads about the drug trade and drug bosses.
It was while on the lam the second time, in fall 2015, that he held a secret meeting with actors Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo. The encounter was the subject of a lengthy article Penn published in Rolling Stone last January, right after Mexican marines re-arrested Guzman in the western state of Sinaloa.
In the interview, Guzman was unapologetic about his criminal activities, saying he had turned to drug trafficking at age 15 simply to survive.
“The only way to have money to buy food, to survive, is to grow poppy, marijuana, and at that age, I began to grow it, to cultivate it and to sell it. That is what I can tell you,” he was quoted as saying in Penn’s article.
The decision by Mexico to extradite one of its most prized prisoners to the U.S. comes as Trump has taken a tough stand on illegal immigration from that country, vowing to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexican officials have repeatedly said they will not pay for a wall.
Derek Maltz, who headed the DEA’s Special Operations Division until his retirement in mid-2014, said the timing of Guzman’s extradition less than 24 hours ahead of Trump’s inauguration could be seen as a show of good faith by Mexico.
MEXICAN DRUG LORD EL CHAPO arrives at MacArthur Airport
Long Island NEW YORK


Donald Trump and Sandwich
Is It for EL CHAPO ???
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President Trump Eats

President Trump at TOMMY’S HAM HOUSE
Greenville, South Carolina
On The Campaign Trail 2016
President Obama is so disciplined that his wife has teased that he eats precisely seven lightly salted almonds each night.
George W. Bush was an exercise buff, obsessed with staying trim by mountain biking and clearing brush at his ranch in Crawford, Tex.
But Donald J. Trump is taking a different approach: A junk food aficionado, he is hoping to become the nation’s fast food president.
“A ‘fish delight,’ sometimes, right?” Mr. Trump told Anderson Cooper at a CNN town-hall-style meeting in February, extolling the virtues of McDonald’s. “The Big Macs are great. The Quarter Pounder. It’s great stuff.”
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.03.40 PM
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.50.49 PM
President Trump Just Loves KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN
Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign is improvised, undisciplined, rushed and self-indulgent.

And so is his diet.

In an era of gourmet dining and obsession with healthy ingredients, Mr. Trump is a throwback to an earlier, more carefree time in American eating, when nobody bothered to ask whether the tomatoes were locally grown, and the first lady certainly didn’t have a vegetable garden, complete with a bee hive, on the South Lawn of the White House.

But in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, Mr. Trump has broadcast his culinary preferences to the nation — devouring a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (while reading The Wall Street Journal), feasting on a McDonald’s burger and fries (to celebrate clinching the Republican presidential nomination) and chowing down on a taco bowl (in an effort to woo Hispanic voters).

He is a lover of diner fare and fast food grub, of overcooked steaks (“It would rock on the plate, it was so well done,” his longtime butler once observed) and the bland nourishment of Americana. He prefers burgers and meatloaf, Caesar salads and spaghetti, See’s Candies and Diet Coke. And he shuns tea, coffee and alcohol.

But his highbrow, lowbrow image — of the jet-setting mogul who takes buckets of fried chicken onto his private plane with the gold-plated seatbelt buckles — is also a carefully crafted one.

If President George Bush revealed his patrician upbringing by requesting “a splash” more coffee at a truck stop in New Hampshire, and John Kerry helped reinforce his image as a New England blue blood by trying to order a cheese steak with Swiss in South Philadelphia, Mr. Trump’s diet also telegraphs to his blue-collar base that he is one of them.

“There’s nothing more American and more of-the-people than fast food,” said Russ Schriefer, a Republican strategist and ad maker. “It is the peculiarity of the brand that he’s able to be on his multimillion-dollar jet with the gold and black branding and colors, and at the same time eat KFC — and what makes it perfect is he does it all with a knife and fork, while reading The Wall Street Journal.”

Or, as Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser and pollster on the Trump campaign, put it, “It goes with his authenticity.”

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton would be eating Popeye’s biscuits and fried chicken,” she said.

Last April, Mrs. Clinton did, indeed, visit a Chipotle near Toledo, Ohio, stopping into the chain restaurant unrecognized, in black sunglasses, and ordering a chicken burrito bowl.

And President Bill Clinton was perhaps the nation’s first fast food commander in chief, famous for ending his jogs at McDonald’s. (Mr. Clinton now adheres to a largely vegan diet.)

Still, Mr. Trump seems to come by his appetite for fast food genuinely.

While junk food has long been a staple of campaign trail life — Mitt Romney’s 2012 press corps coined the term “slunch” to refer to the unhealthy phenomenon of the “second lunch” — Mr. Trump’s reliance on high-calorie fare is driven more by a combination of speed, efficiency and, above all else, cleanliness.

Though he often orders from the Trump Grill when working out of Trump Tower in Manhattan, he eats fast food several times a week while on the road because “it’s quick,” as he told The Daily Mail last year while munching on Burger King on his Boeing 757-200.

Mr. Trump has even suggested doing away with state dinners, in a fit of cost and time savings. “We should be eating a hamburger on a conference table, and we should make better deals with China and others and forget the state dinners,” he said.

A man always prone to distraction and uninterested in small details, he has never approached food as anything other than a problem to be solved, quickly, as Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, an occasional dining partner, once told The Washington Examiner.

As the two men ate at Jean-Georges in Manhattan in 2002, Mr. Trump ordered briskly and imperiously from the head chef and owner, Mr. Christie recalled. “Jean-Georges, remember the appetizer you made for me last week when I was here?” Mr. Trump asked the owner. “We’ll take two of those. And remember that main course you made, the special thing you made for me? We’ll take two of those, too.”

Mr. Christie watched with confusion and a bit of awe, he recalled in the interview. Mr. Trump looked at him and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll love it.”

But Mr. Trump, who frets about germs and prizes cleanliness, also loves fast food because of its consistency and the promise, at least, of a basic level of hygiene.

“One bad hamburger, you can destroy McDonald’s. One bad hamburger, you take Wendy’s and all these other places and they’re out of business,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Cooper of CNN. “I’m a very clean person. I like cleanliness, and I think you’re better off going there than maybe someplace that you have no idea where the food’s coming from. It’s a certain standard.”

Still, he added, “I think the food’s good.”

Mr. Trump’s dining habits also bespeak a certain lack of creativity, and parochialism — the kid from Queens who made it across the river to Manhattan’s glistening skyline, but never cottoned to the city’s haute cuisine. He once praised the “imagination” of his wife, Melania, in the kitchen — before citing, as examples of her culinary derring-do, spaghetti and meat sauce, salads and meatloaf. (He still keeps a copy of his mother’s meatloaf recipe.) Along with McDonald’s, his favorite fast food joint, a family member said, is Jackson Hole Burgers.

Mr. Trump, who sometimes sips his Diet Coke through a straw, once caused Manhattan foodies to weep into their quinoa when he took Sarah Palin to a Famous Famiglia pizza restaurant in Times Square — and then proceeded to cut his oversize slice with a plastic knife and fork.

He has other pretensions, as well. Howie Carr, a Boston Herald columnist, recalled traveling on Mr. Trump’s plane and watching him rip the buns off his McDonald’s patties before plying the burgers with ketchup. (“Do you know how many calories you save that way?” Mr. Trump asked Mr. Carr.) And Mr. Trump also told US Weekly that he tries to save calories on pizza. (“I scrape the toppings off my pizza — I never eat the dough,” he said.)

So pronounced are Mr. Trump’s fast food preferences that Philip E. Beshara, a Washington-based lawyer, joked on Instagram that, as president, his cabinet would probably be staffed by Colonel Sanders, the Hamburglar and the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.01.51 PM

Donald Trump eats a TACO BOWL on the campaign trail ..

And, of course, the Republican nominee’s dining whims also keep his team on its toes, with staff members worrying not just about the backdrop for his speeches — but also where to find the nearest drive-through.

“There’s never any real planning for food,” said one, between events on Friday. “It’s always just whatever he is craving, which is more often than not McDonald’s.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.06.30 PM
TRUMP at His Favorite Restaurant, THE 21 CLUB, NEW YORK
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.05.27 PM

Alec Baldwin Does Donald Trump on SNL

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on SNL



If Donald J. Trump’s first news conference as president-elect was a raucous, chaotic affair on Wednesday – and it was – the parody of it on “Saturday Night Live” was somehow calmer and more organized than the actual event.
Still, the “S.N.L.” sketch pulled few punches as it swung at the show’s most powerful, persistent critic, mocking Mr. Trump on a range of subjects, including the perceived lack of star power at his coming inauguration; his opaque plan to divest himself from his businesses; and the possibility that Russia possessed unverified compromising information on him.
Saturday Night Live” was somehow calmer and more organized than the actual event.
Still, the “S.N.L.” sketch pulled few punches as it swung at the show’s most powerful, persistent critic, mocking Mr. Trump on a range of subjects, including the perceived lack of star power at his coming inauguration; his opaque plan to divest himself from his businesses; and the possibility that Russia possessed unverified compromising information on him.
Saturday night’s episode, the first new one of 2017, once again featured Alec Baldwin as Mr. Trump. He started off the faux news conference by vowing to answer what he said was “the question that’s on everyone’s mind.”
“Yes, this is real life,” he said. “This is really happening. On January 20, I, Donald J. Trump, will become the 45th president of the United States.”
Watch The VIDEO
Kenan Thompson 
as STEVE HARVEY on SNL TRUMP Press Conference Skit
Thompson & Baldwin as STEVE HARVEY & DONALD TRUMP
on SATURDAY NIGHt LIVE Trump Press Conference Skit January 2017

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Secret Entrance at Chumley’s Greenwich Village

“Don’t Get 86ed” !!!
LEARN HOW to Make a Better BURGER
by Daniel Zwicke
ABIDE in IT !!!


The Morning Coffee and News

My Sunday morn Coffee?  I love it so! There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s one of my best moments of the week, most times “the Best.” Yes it is. And not for just me but millions I’m quite sure. If you work 6 days a week as I, or you work five, that Sunday morn coffee just can’t be beat. Most might have it down at the kitchen table. The coffee pot brews, you retrieve the Sunday Paper and settle in. Settle in with that good ol friend, your morning cup of Joe. You chit chat with the husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever, and you sip that good beloved Brew, your morning cup of Joe (coffee). Is it Brazilian, African, Colombian  Jamaican, or Sumatran, no matter, it’s your favorite and it brings you so joy for just a pittance of a cost. Most of us drink good ol regular American Coffee, regular, Black, with milk and sugar, just milk no sugar, Milk, Cream, Half & Half, there’s a number of ways to enjoy, your morning cup of coffee.
   For me, my morning cup is never in my house as it is with most. No, I always go to the cafe for my beloved cup. I’ve been doing so for almost 30 years now. Nothing wrong with having it at home, but for me, I always have it out, at one of my local cafes. One is American (Regular Cup of Joe) the other Italian (Espresso or Cappuccino). For the past few days, I go to the American Bakery/Cafe more often. I usually have a little breakfast before I go, sans (without) coffee. The coffee is reserved for the cafe. I do this for two reasons, never having coffee at home. Number one, after I take a shower, I have my breakfast and put on my clothes, I just want to get out of the house and into the city, (New York). Two, I only have my coffee at the cafe because to me it makes it more special this way. And it’s not just about the coffee, it’s the whole total experience of it all. I have my coffee, yes, but I’m among others. There are always the counter girls at the cafe who are all quite lovely. A nice morning with my cup of Joe, perhaps a bit of chit-chat with the girls and they’re always so sweet. Usually I have friends there, so there’s a bit of conversation with them, sipping my regular coffee, “Milk No Sugar.” I read, I write, I listen to the music, sip, love, and enjoy my coffee, that very simple and one of life’s “Great Pleasures,” the morning coffee. It cost very little, and especially if you compare it to the outrageous price of cocktails these days, that with the price of the drink $14-$17, and tip, can end up near $20.00 per. I love a good cocktail, but not at these prices. My morning cup of coffee has superior value compared to the current days cocktail prices in New York. It’s sad really.
   Yes, I usually see friends, have a good chat, then it’s into the papers, The Times, Post, The Daily News, whatever is lying around the cafe. Guess what, it’s free. I can go on my computer and surf the net. I’ll get any news or info I could possibly want. If I don’t like the music playing at the cafe, which is usually good, but can occasionally be quite bad, I’ll just plug in my ear-plugs, go to Youtube, and watch a Rolling Stones video. Listen too, of course. Or I’ll just plug into my iPod Touch and listen to my great Musical Library. No Crap Rap of course, just good ol Classic Rock, R&B, and “Frank” Sinatra that is!
   I write, I read, I load up news from the Huffington Post on my iPod to read on the train (Subway) later, I see friends, sometime make new ones, sip my Coffee, I enjoy, that’s my Sunday morning Coffee, or any day of the week for that matter. My morning Coffee, “I just Love It.”
 Daniel Bellino-Zwicke