Greco di Tufo WIne For FEAST of 7 FISH

wine for the Feast of 7 Fish? A good question. Well for one thing, your
favorite wine that you like best will always do. But if you are looking for
suggestions and what are so-called expert pairings, then you would most likely
want some good white wine, and some Italian white at that. My own number one
personal favorite would be a nice Greco di Tufo from Campania, the region of
Italy where the Festa di Sette Pesci is in its greatest realm. The Italian
Christmas Feast is quite a big thing in Sicily and other parts of the South of
Italy. But when it comes to great wines of Southern Italy, no region can beat
Campania with wines like; Fiano di Avelino, Falanghina, Lacryma Christi Bianco,
and Greco.
     So Greco di Tufo for your Feast of Seven
Fish? Greco di Tufo has good acidity which makesit a clean/crisp wine that’s
just perfect for fish. The wine usually exhibits Lemon Citrus flavors along
with good hints of pear fruit for a nice flavor profile. So, I for one love to
serve Greco with my Feast of The 7 Fish meal as it goes so perfectly with all
fish and shellfish and that is from Campania, the capital region of this wonderful
feast of seven fishes, and a place of charming beauty.
     Another great wine from Campania to contemplate
for your meal is Lacryma Christi. Now considering the religious aspects of The
Feast of The 7 Fish, Lacryma Christ is a wine that has very special meaning, as
the wine is intertwined with Biblical History. According to legend, God cried
when he found a corner of Heaven stolen by Lucifer, and where his tears fell,
there grew the grapes that make Lacryma Christi, which translates to “The Tears
of Christ.” Lacryma Christi Bianco is made mostly of Coda di Volpe grapes. It’s
also a nice clean crispy white that usually shows flavors of White Peaches and
Pineapples. Consider its taste and historical significance, Lacryma Christ
makes a perfect wine for the Festa di Sette Pesci. Also not, that there is also
Lacryma Christi Rosso (red wine), made from Piedirosso grapes that makes a
wonderful wine for this feast if you want to drink some red.
     You may also want to consider a wine from
Friuli, as this region is Italy’s # 1 region for great white wines, as well as
in my opinion the greatest single white wine region in all the world. Yes, it
is. They make wonderful whites like; Sauvignon Blanc, Friuliano (formely known
as Toacai), Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Riballa Gialla, and more. Great
Friulian wine producers to look for are; Jermann, Venica, Colterenzio,
Teifenbrunner, Marco Felluga, Livio Felluga, Zamo, and Villa Russiz.
    I particularly love all the wines from my
friends Gianni and Gianpaulo Venica, especially their Friuliano (Tocai) and
their great Sauvignon “Ronco d’ Mele.”
    As I’ve said, the wines from Friuli are
some of the best in the world, but considering that when making a really fine
meal you usually want to pair wine from the same region the food comes from. So
considering that Campania and the south of Italy is where the Festa di Sett
Pesci is most prevelant and at it greatest heights, you
a wine from the south for your Feast of The 7 Fish, and Campanian white wines
are without question the best way to go.
     If you want some red wine for your Feast,
of course Italian reds are the natural bet. I suggest you do not get anything
to big or of heavy weight. Get a nice lighter red like; Chianti, Barbera, or
one of the lighter Etna Rosso wines. I particularly love Chianti from my good
friend Luigi Cappellini of Castel Verrazzano in Greve. Yes it’s not from
Campania, but I just love Chianti, especially Luigi’s. Though, often with this
Christmas meal, I love drinking Lacryma Christi Rosso from either
Mastroberadino or Feudi San Gregorio. Both of these wine producers make
wonderful wines, and you can get; Greco, Falanghina, Fiano, Lacryma Christ
Bianco or Rosso from either of these winemakers and you’d be doing very well.
by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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