Brian Williams made a mistake. Yes he did. And a pretty Big One at that. He made an incorrect statement (false) that a U.S. Military Helicopter he was flying in Iraq in 2003 took enemy fire. Apparently this did not happen and some U.S. soldiers who where there and witnessed what happened say that Williams made False Statements, that his aircraft never came under fire .. Many of these soldiers are angry at the events and of Williams telling a lie. Yes, Brian Williams told a lie. A lie he never should have made, but he did. The man is human, and humans make mistakes. We all do. 
Williams also made another false statements that are angering many. He stated that when he was in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he saw a dead body float past his hotel room window. Another Big Mistake. The man is human. We make mistakes. Yes, it is a serious mistake, a statement should have never made. The man has apologized.
Brian Williams made a couple big mistakes, and now people are out to Crucifix him. They’re out for Blood .. Look out Brian .. Yes the guy made a couple mistakes, and big ones at that, but should he be Crucifixes as he is being now so-to-speak? The man, made a mistake, and he’s already been punished. Can you imagine the public humility the man is feeling. Believe me he is hurting, you can be sure of this .. He’s already suffered from his mistake, and he”l suffer for the rest of his life, being on the top of his field and now being publicly humiliated in front of many millions of people, the World. Believe me the man has already been punished and punished far more than fits his so-called crime, his mistake. Do we really have to Crucifix the poor guy? I don’t thinks so. Let’s stop it! Right now. Give Brian a break, he deserves it, he’s a good guy who doesn’t deserve this. He made a mistake and he’s already been punished beyond compare.
“Let He Has Never Made a Mistake Cast the First Stone.”

by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke



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