Best Selling Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke

New York Author, Daniel Bellino-Zwicke has been atop Amazon’s Best Seller List
for Italian Cookbooks for 8 months straight now with his books SUNDAY SAUCE 
and SEGRETO ITALIANO, which are now at # 2 & # 3 .. Both of these Books have 
been # 1 Best Sellers and niether have gone below the # 5 spot since attaining # 1 status.
Daniel is a Italian-American native of Greenwich Village, and two more of his books are Best Sellers in; La TAVOLA – Italian-American New Yorkers Adventures
of The Table, along with THE FEAST of THE 7 FISH –  Italian Christmas. Daniel has garnered a special niche as one of AMerica’s foremost cookbook authors of Italian-American Cuisine and the Italian-American lifestyle. Daniel is currently working on a book on Chianti, a book about the restaurant business as-a-whole, tentively titled The BIZ, as well as a new Italian Cookbook currently with no title. Daniel tells us that the new Italian Cookbook should be ready for publication before the end of Summer 2015 … 
SUNDAY SAUCE is Currently the # 3 Best Seller in Italian Cookbooks on
Segreto Italiano is the # 2 Best Seller Italian Cookbooks


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