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We’ve all had problems with Apple, who hasn’t? That’s hwo they make their products, to break down so they can make more revenue … No, Apple isn’t happy making BILLIONS, selling there OVERPRICED COMPUTERS, Downloads, Overpriced Accessories, Overpriced iPhone and other devices (Now a Wacth) and INFERIOR POWER CORDS that RIP APART every year or so and COST an Insane $85.00 to replace. No APPLE is happy making all this money on the Brainwashed, no they want to make more !!! Yes, beleive it or not the BILLIONS of DOLLARS they make every year isn’t enough to satisfy Tim Cook and everyone at APPLE, they want more. More MONEY for RIPPIN-OFF Peopel with their (Apple’s) SCAM of Exhorbitant StorAGE DATA RATES, charging $100 for a MEASLY 16 GB of Storage … There ought to be a LAW Enforced by the Federal Goverment over this issue. 
Anyway, al this is not enough at the GREED of The APPLE CORPORATION .. No they want more !!! More MONEY !!! More money in the form of REVENUE for making a PROFIT on the MILLIONS of REPAIRS a YEAR of their INFERIOR PRODUCTS …
I had PCs for years before moving to MACS. Dam was I Dumb. Usually I don’t fall for all the brainwashing ad propaganda, but apple years of listening and hearing al the BULLSHIT Lies and exagerations about the Superiority of APPLE PRODUCTS “NOT” I deccided to go for one. Well, it was partially the fault of Microft when the came out with a SHITTY NEW OPERATING SYSTEM in WINDOWS 8 which is aboslutely AWEFUL and the reason that pushed me into the World of APPLE and MAC COMPUTERS, “oh how I rue the day.”
I needed a new computer, my Dell was on its Last Legs, so I bought a new PC … It was Friggin HORRIBLE .. Well it was the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 that was so “Fucking Horrible,” it still is … I bought that computer, hated the new Windows (nothing wrong with my Windows XP), so I brought the Windows PC back, and got a refund. It was at Staples and they took it back no problem, unlike those BASTARDS at BEST BUY who put you throuhg HELL if you try to return something. Enough about those SOBs and back to the World Cahampions in being Bastards, the people at APPPLE ..
Apple Macbook Pro
So, I hated the new Windows 8 and decided to get an Apple .. Right away I wasn’t that crazy about my Macbook Pro that I bough in August of 2013, but I went along with it .. Well guess what? I had THE PIECE of SHIT (My Macbook Pro) just 54 Weeks and the thing decides to CRASH on me .. I was Fucking pissed to say the least. I had PCs for 18 years and never had a Crash or anything so bad as what happened to me with my Apple Macbook Pro .. Now I’ve got to tell you, I’m not one to get RIPED-OFF with these Money Making Scams called Extended Warranties, a thing Apple, Best Buy, and every company involved in selling Electronic Equipment is part of as another source of REVENUE and Rippin People Off .. Needless to say when I bought my Piece of Shit Lemon MACBOOK PRO and they asked me if I wanted to purchase the Rip-Off EXTENDED WARRANTY I almost Laughed in their face, Hell No I wanted to say, but I just gavve them a no thanks and left it at that. Well don’t you think my Piece of Shit APPLE Computer that these THEIVES Sold to me CRASHED & DIED two weeks after my wothless 1 Year Warranty was up? Of course it did.
Well I brough the SHIttY ASS MACBOOK PRO that was now totally worthless down to the BASTARDS at Apple … I waited around for a so-called GENIUS for about 20 minutes .. Not too bad .. So the check out the Piece of Shit in Question, my Macbook Pro .. The did a diagnostic test and determined I needed a new Hard Drive … Great! Cost $154.00 … I was FUCKING PISSED, to say the least … You’ve got to be kidding me, I told the guy, “this thing is only a year old.” He just shrugged his shoulders (The GENIUS). “What the Fuck,” I thought!!! What the Hell did I pay $1400 for I asked the GENIUS ??? He just shrugged his soulders again. I thought these fucking computers are supposed to be the best in the world. I’ve had PCs for almost 20 years, othing like this has ever happened to me like  this in 20 years, and I get a Mac that’s “SUPPOSED” to be so dam great, it CRASHES in a years time and you tell me I need a new Hard Drive, Wht The Fuck.” 
“Every Computer has the same Hard Drives,” he told me. “Things break down,” he said.
“Well why the FUCK did this never happen to me with one of my PCs,” I asked .. The GENIS just shrugged his shoulders. Whatwas I to do, but pay the MOTHER FUCKERS at APPLE .. It’s like Fucking Extortian .. And the BASTARDS get away with it, every DAM DAY, day-after-day, 365 days a year, year-after-year .. 
I’m getting tired of this. Apple Fucking drains you. They take your Money, bend you over and Rape you.
Now listen to this. Just 4 months after myy Piece of Shit Apple Macbook Pro CRASHED and Apple took (more like extortian) $154 from me, the FUCKING PIECE of SHIT CRASHED Again.  I went through the same shit with the Genius’s again, waiting around, them checking out the PIECE of SHIT that they sold me and telling me that it was some sort of shitty ass inferior cable that cannects the Hard Drive to whatever. This time Imade them pay, that’s another story I tell you at another time, cause I got 1 more doozy to quick tell you before I go.
So they fixed the PIECE of SHIT AGAIN…. Well guess what???? Four months later the PIECE of SHIT CRASHED again … You know the drill. Go down to the Fucking Apple store, see someone who makes an appointement with a GENIUS for you, leave and come back at the appointed time, check-in and wait for the GENIUS, the Genius calls your name, you go up to The GENIUS BAR, he asks you whats wrong, you tell him (or her), he does a diagnostic test on that PIECE of SHIT NO GOOD For NOTHING APPLE MACBOOK PRO COMPUTER that Apple made and sold to you, only so you can keep having problems with it, and bring it to them to get fixed-up agian and they can EXTRACT a bit more money from you. It’s an endless cycle !!! 
So guess what? Yes, you got it. My Fucking Shitty Ass Hard Drive is Dead and I need a new one they say (the Genius). That’ll be $154.69 she says. Thsi time my Genius was of the female type .. What was I to do? I paid the BASTARDS once again .. I don’t have the strength to fight these Fuckers again like the last time, so I write this.
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