Excerpted From “La TAVOLA”  by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Another one of Aunt Helen’s exclusive dishes that  we all  love
is her  incredible preparation of “Uovo con Spinaci e Parmigiano.”  Translated to
English, this is Eggs Scrambled with Spinach and Parmigano. Yes, the dish does
not sound like much, but these few ingredients when properly cooked are tastier
than you could ever imagine, it is truly better than the sum of its parts. If I had  
never eaten this dish and someone was describing how tasty it is, I’d probably be
wondering why this person is carrying on so much over some  merespinach and eggs.
I’d be thinking  that they might have some kind of esthetical problems. Yet this dish perfectlyillustrates the  true essence of  Italian  cooking,  getting  great fresh ingredients, letting the main  ingredient shine, with a little embellishmentfrom a couple others. Of course, the dish has to be prepared properly as Aunt Helen does. I made  it once for a few of  my friends, Jimmy, Ada, and Johnny. They all went bonkers for it and always request it when-ever we have a dinner party.
     They all ask me, “Will you please make Aunt Helen’s Crostini?” Aunt Helen’s crostini is what they call the toasted  bread that’s topped with the Spinach and Eggs. Aunt Helen used to  give it to us as a Pannino (sandwich) on a nice Italian roll. I can still remember the  first time she made me one.  I  had stopped over her house for  a little visit and  as usual,   Aunt
Helen always  had  some food on hand. “Like I didn’t know she would. Ha-ha!”
     “You want something to eat Daniel,” she asked. I never say no to eating some of Aunt
Helen’s amazing food. She made me this sandwich  with spinach and  eggs  stuffed inside.  Aunt Helen  put the sand-wich in front of me and said, “Here you go darling” When I took the first bite, it was a  revelation. I was in heaven!  I couldn’t believe my eyes (mouth, stom-ach, and tongue).
    That sandwich was “Lip Smacking Good.” I asked her how to  make it.  “You just sauté some spinach in olive oil  with a little butter,  add the eggs and some Parmesan Cheese,” Aunt Helen replied nonchalantly, as if it  was nothing. In a way it was nothing, because

it is  very  simple to prepare,  simple  thatis once you know what you’re doing. The key word  being, knowing,  because as  simple a  dish may be,  if  you don’t know  the proper  way  of  making  it,  you  can really screw it up. There is skill, experience, and a knowing touch involved in making it, or any good dish for that matter. You have to season it properly,  cook the eggs just so. Not too much, nor too little, and you need the proper balance or  ingredients. This dish of  Spinach, Eggs,  with  Parmigianois  what  the true essence of Italian  Food  and cooking is all about. You start with the  best and  freshest ingredients you  can find. You prepare these  ingredients in  a simple manner,  and Ecco,  “You’ve got a tasty  little dish. That is Italian!” That’s what Aunt Helen does so well.
2 small Italian Hero Rolls or Any
Roll You Like
4 large Eggs
Salt & Black Pepper
1 ½ cups chopped cooked Spinach
(fresh or frozen)
½ cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano
or Grana Padano
2 tablespoons Olive Oil, 1
tablespoon Butter
1. Beat eggs with
Salt & Pepper to taste.
2. Sauté spinach
for 3-4 minute low heat. Season with Salt & Pepper.
3. Place eggs in a
bowl. Add grated cheese, Salt & Pepper, and beat eggs with a fork.
4. Turn heat up to
high. Add eggs and cook over high heat while constantly stirring eggs with a
wooden spoon or rubber spatula until the eggs are cooked completely. Remove
eggs from pan and leave on the side.
5. Add a tiny bit
each of olive oil and butter to pan and toast the rolls in t he pan until all
four halves rolls are lightly toasted.
6. Place the 2
bottoms of the rolls on plates, divide the scrambled eggs and spinach in to 2 equal
parts and place on each bottom half of toasted rolls. If you like at this point
you can sprinkle a bit of Salt & pepper over the eggs then top with a bit
more Parmigiano. Top with top of roll, cut each sandwich in half, and enjoy.
You your friends will love this one.

Note: As stated
before, you can serve these eggs on toasted Crostini Bread at a cocktail hour or
as the Antipasto or part of Antipasto Misto for the first course of a meal. You
can also serve the Uovo Strapazetti (Scrambled Eggs) on a plate by themselves,
with a Salad or some other vegetable on the side. Whatever you do, you will be
surprised how much flavor and how tasty this simple, versatile dish is. Bon Appetito!


From Daniel Bellino-Zwicke