Sean Lennon Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds



Debbi Reynolds & Carrie Fisher


  • sean_ono_lennon I’m absolutely speechless with the news of Debbie passing just a day after her daughter. I knew how close they were, and because of Carrie I have so many wonderful memories of Debbie in her house next to Carrie’s. They were so absolutely close it seems clear that Debbie wanted to be with her daughter. Carrie and Debbie’s relationship was a template for mine and my mother’s. I’m so stunned. Now we must double our efforts to send love to Billie, and to Todd. I don’t know what to say right now, I’m truly in shock. I’m just…this is too much. Debbie was indeed a timeless legend and so much of Carrie’s effortless grace on screen came from Debbie’s mentoring. Debbie taught me many things. I literally have no energy left in my body I feel completely drained of all blood, I feel utterly deflated. I can’t imagine how Billie feels please concentrate your energies on helping her through this tornado of tragedies. I can’t imagine losing two such pillars in such a short time. I love you Billie. And I love you Carrie and Debbie always. Thank you for what was an endless fountain of kindness and generosity from both of you. (Debbie we had just watched one of the debates w Carrie at your house and I’ll never forget you telling Carrie and I to shut up because you were so passionately against Trump and wanted to hear the television but Carrie and I were joking around a bit loudly. I miss you so much!)


Carrie Fisher with YOKO ONO & Sean Lennon


Debbie Reynolds





John Lennon & Yoko Ono