This little book gives a great history on Sunday meals in an Italian household. The recipes are truly authentic and the stories are terrific. Takes me back to my youth in Pennsylvania where we always celebrated Sunday dinners with dishes made with sauce or gravy as my Sicilian dad called it. I bought the book for myself and then ordered a second for my daughter who is married to an Irishman, has 3 kids and is a professional chef. She wants to keep Sunday dinners with family and friends a tradition to pass on to her kids. This book full of great recipes along with those from her grandmother and memories of past family dinners is most helpful to keep the italian sunday dinners alive and thriving.

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Best ever Italian cookbook. True and authentic. Great stories accompany every recipe. The author shares all the secrets for real Italian masterpieces.

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I loved this book. I grew up in a town that was a little United Nations of nationalities. The majority were Italian and some of my best friends and even married some family. Living in different parts of the country I find the food is just not the same even when they say they are from the same providences. I greatly miss the Pork Stores with its sausages hanging from the ceilings. Cases full of cheese and open barrels sitting all over the stores. You will have to read to find out what a port store is. But you will not get that wonderful aroma as you open the door of cheese, sausage, spices and all the other wonderful ingredients. Need a pick me up, enter a pork store. How could you be down with all that good smell swirling around.Making gravy was an all day event on Sunday. Saturday was for making the pasta. I had a neighbor that would allow me to help her on both days. On Sunday all the family would show up at her house for dinner after Church. It was ironic because she was not Italian, her husband was. She was considered the best cook of the family and Sundays and holidays were at her house. Make some good memories for your family and friends. These are comfort foods for me.