The Grammys Suck The MUSIC SUCKS

The GRAMMYS Will SUCK TONIGHT !!! Wanna Know Why ??? THE MUSIC SUCKS !especially with “SO-CALLED” musical artist like the A-HOLE KNAYE WEST !!! They Don’t Make any good Music anymore, JUST CRAP that would NEVER Have made it back in the 50s 60 70s or even 80s .. KANYE WEST SUCKS !! BEYONCE is just SO SO as is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE .. There are only a VERY FEW GOOD Artist these days, like : ALICIA KEYS, Celo Green, and not many other. Old timers like STEVEN TYLER are AWESOME as is ELTON JOHN, but all the NEW ACTS SUCK so BAD it isn’t even funny. IT’s SAD to SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED to MUSIC. THE GOOD STUFF Has DIED. Thank god we’ve got Recordings of SINATRA, THE ROLLING STONES, all The GREAT R&B Artist of the 50s & 60’s, POP and ROCK music of those times.

THE MUSIC TODAY SUCKS !!! and So Does The GRAMMYS Thar A – HOLE KANYES WEST couldn’t SHINE The SHOES of anyone from the 60s or 70s. KEEP DREAMING KANYE !!!





This Guy is ONE of The Biggest ASSHOLES Ever in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS

If he was around trying to make it in the music business back in the 60s and 70s when there were Great Musical Acts like HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUE NOTES, THE STYLISTICS, THE CHIFFONS, THE ROLLING STONES, FRANK SINATRA (still around then), DIANNA ROOS & The SUPREMES, The MAMMAS & THE PAPAS and so many more the list goes on and on. KANYE would have never made it in the music business and would have had to work for a living instead of making MILLIONS of DOLLARS a Year for making SHITTY MUSIC that people with HORRIBLE Taste buy and support as a large Majority of the public of the United States has such CRAPPY TATSTE in MUSIC and other things like SHITTY TV SITCOM SHOWS and what-not ..

It is so very sad to see what has happened to MUSIC in the PAST 20 YEARS or so, that it SUCKS So BAD, it’s PITIFUL … Well as I’ve said, myself and those who do have GOOD TATSTE are able to listen to The Sounds of SINATRA, POP, R*B, and ROCK Music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. All I can say is thank God for all those great Musical Artist as they don’t Make ANY GOOD MUSIC ANYMORE … JUST SHIT Like KANYE and all The HORRIBLE RAP and so-called alternative Rock and all the other SHIT whatever it’s called. It’s so very sad …