Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Sucks

The TONIGHT SHOW FUCKING SUCKS !!! It’s a Dam Shame. Jimmy Fallon has single handily
Ruined the greatest most historical long lived Television Show of all time, our beloved Tonight Show. The show under Fallon Fucking Sucks. Who wants to see him playing stupid silly games with his host all the time? It Fucking Sucks and brings down the long standing tradition, content and character of what was for many years the Greatest Thing on Late Night Television. Jimmy Fallon has Destroyed this show with single swoop, with the Shitty Format that he brought from his previous show Late Nate with Jimmy Fallon .. All the shitty content, asinine game playing with his guest, WASTY VALUABLE INTERVIEW CHATTING TIME with some of the World’s most interesting entertainers has brought the show down and destroyed its once great format of primarily chatting with famous guests, including; actors, Rock Stars, writer, politicians, and even regular fold. 
The format of the show, having 2 or 3 main guest that would sit down and chat. A Great Concept that Fallon has destroyed. Yes, Johnny and Jay, intertwine this with comic bits like reading Funny newspaper and magazine content and sometimes putting on silly little skits.
The Meat & Bones of the Tonight Show has always been the guest sitting down and chatting with Johnny Carson or Jay Leno … Fallon does this too. The PROBLEM comes in with Fallon playing stupid little games with his guest, taking away from the far more interesting act of letting his guest talk about their most current projects, life, whatever .. This is what people want to see (hear) .. Wel at least for many years anyway. I guess the younger generation who think that such SHITTY AWEFUL NOISE like so-called RAP MUSIC is good? Rap Hip Hop and all the other garbage that this current generation thinks is good music. The same generation that might think Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is good. Not! Not only is the Tonight Show under Fallon and good, it’s been destroyed … 
Yet because people have such poor taste, it’s number one in the ratings, beating out Superior Shows like Late Night with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live, both superior Shows with Superior Host to Fallon, yet Fallon’s Show is on top with the highest ratings. Why? Because the younger generation that Fallon appeals to has such SHITTY TASTE .. It’s been poven over and over again, especially with the SHITTY MUSIC todays generation listens to. And as far as the SHIITY MUSIC Goes, it’s not a genrational thing. I myself grew up loving the Great Music of my youth in the 60’s & 70’s .. All the Great R&B, POP, ROCK N ROLL music. I grew up loving this music as well as the great music of my parents day, with artist like the great Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and the like .. Now that was, and still is great music, not like the Shit they m ake these days.
Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t really have anything against Jimmy Fallon. Well nothing other than the fact that he is Destroying the once great Tonight Show, a beloved, cherished Icon of America and American Entertainment History. I was once a avid fan of Fallon. When he first starte his show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I loved his enthusiasim, his show and what he was doing. I was excited about Jimmy and his show. I loved it. But after about 5 or 6 months, all the stupid game playing with his guest instead of interviewing and chatting (far more interesting, entertaining and substancial), I started getting disenchated and agrivated by the dumb ass game playing. But, hey that was all fine and good, it was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, not the Tonight Show, which was still great under the very capable Jay Leno who kept up the great traditions and format of this great show. 
But when I heard that Jay was leaving and Fallon was taking over, I started getting worried. Is Fallon going to bring his Shitty Format to The Tonight Show, all the inphantile game playing? Would he ruin the Tonight Show? No, there were executives and producers involved. They wouldn’t let him bring his aweful Late Night with Jimmy Fallon format and Dumb Ass Game Playing with Guest to the perfect format of The Tonight Show. He could do the show, but under the same wonderful tried-and-true, Stand The Test of Time Tonight Show Format. The same one that the great Johnny Carson and Jay Leno stayed true to for decades. No, the powers that be wouldn’t let Fallon take that away, they wouldn’t let him mess with a good thing, “Don’t Fix It if It Ain’t Broke,” No .. NOT !!! Fallon has done exactly that. Brought his shit ass format of wasting valuable time playing supid sophmoric games. Why? The younger generation has shitty taste! That’s whay


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