The DUDES Big Lebowski Cowboy Chili

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Chili, “It’s as American as Apple Pie.” More so! Chili? It’s an All American favorite. It’s versatile, economical, and “Oh so Tasty!” It’s easy to make, stores well, and once it is made, you can make an array of other dishes like; Chili Dogs, Tacos and Burritos based on the Chili. And that my friends is why The Dude loves his Chili so. Dude goes to Ralph’s, picks up all the necessary ingredients, Ground Chuck, tomatoes, onions, and what not. He’s already got the Cumin, salt, and peppers on hand. He got all his stuff, throws some Creedence on the stereo, chops up some onions and garlic, browns the beef, gets everything in the pot, and it’s off to simmer.

Once everything is in the pot, the Dude sets the heat to a very low flame and lets the Chili simmer for about an hour and fifteen. While the Chili simmers away, Dude is free to kick back and relax, listening to Creedence, sometimes he’ll do a bit of Tai Chi for ten minutes or so, make a Caucasian, then sit back and relax as the Chili simmers away. It’s all very Zen. Dude digs this ritual and is happy in his thoughts of that wonderful pot of Chili and its net results. Once done, Dude has some small flour tortillas already with some grated Cheddar Cheese, chopped fresh onions and fresh tomato, maybe a bit of fresh Cilantro. When the Chili is finished, Dude turns the flame off and goes to town right away. He grabs a beer and assembles a platter of 3 tasty Tacos.

Dude will take a third to have the Chili, put in sealable containers and freeze it. This he’ll pull out of the freezer in about 10 days or so after he’s gone threw what’s in the frig. He’ll thaw the Chili, and he’s already to make some Tacos or Burritos. He’s already done most of the work a week and a half before. The other half of the Chili he puts in containers and into the frig so he has his Chili on hand to make Tacos, Burritos, and Chili Cheese Omelets for the next 3 or 4 days. Dude will then take a break from the Chili items for maybe 3 or 4 days, and when he wants he’s ready for a Taco, a Burrito, or 3-Way, he’s got the Chili on hand in the freezer already made so he’s set to go. Just has to thaw it out and after that, it’s a couple tasty tacos in a few minutes flat. Pretty Smart? Dude’s got methods, and if you follow the Dudes lead, you’ll eat a lot of tasty stuff, save money, and save time. More time for; as Walter would say, “Fuck it Dude, let’s go Bowling.”

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 “It’s Easy to Make an Awesome Burrito when you have some of The DUDES Cowboy CHili already Made.”  Recipe in The BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK     –   GOT ANY KAHLUA ?



Dude got this recipe from a friend of his at the Bowling Alley. A guy who never bowled himself but hung out at the bar, drinking Sioux City Sarsaparilla. He had a big thick Salt & Pepper Mustache and wore a big ass cowboy hat and Cowboy Garb. The cowboy at the bar (The Cowboy Stranger) was pretty cool. He got the Dudes stamp of approval, so you know he’s cool. Dude and the Stranger would sit around, Dude drinking a White Russian (“I’ll have another Caucasian Gary”) and the Stranger sipping on his Sarsaparilla. These two had conversations on all sorts of things. One day the conversation turned to Chili and Tacos. The Cowboy said he didn’t eat tacos all that much, but he did make a killer Chili. Dude and The Stranger talked Chili for a bit and the Dude liked what he heard. The Dude asked the Cowboy if he wouldn’t mind giving him his Chili recipe.   The Cowboy obliged the Dude, and right then and there, wrote his excellent Chili recipe down for the Dude on a couple of cocktail napkins at the bar. The Dude pasted those napkins with the cowboys Killer Chili right into his spiral bound notebook, and the Dude has been making his Chili with this recipe ever since. The Dude passes it on to you to. Go forth young man, make Chili and multiply.

 PS Dude knows, as most do, that “Cowboys make the Best Chili” !!! The reason Dude was so anxious to get the Cowboy Strangers version.



GOT ANY KAHLUA ?  a.k.a.  The BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK .. Abide in It !!!





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(Soft Shell or Hard Tacos)