No Snow in New York “WHAT THE FUCK” ???

The BLIZZARD of 2015 ???
Now This Was a Blizzard !
Looks Like Some Time in The 40s ???
The News Stations wouldn’t stop, and I was sick and tired of all the Paranoia about 
this Storm, how big it would be, maybe New York’s Biggest Snowstorm Ever ? Not !!! Not even close. I couldn’t believe it when I walked out my door this morning and there was a mere 4.5 inches of snow on the ground. “What the FU_K ???” !!! A Friggin Pimple of a snowstorm. I’ve been dealing with snowstorms all my life. I’ve always loved and cherished them and excepted them as part of everyday life of living in the North Eastern part of The United States. What’s the big deal? We’ve seen it all before.
This last two mayors are Alarmist Pussys, scaring people and shutting everything down. They shut down the Subway and bus service, closed the Bridges and Tunnels, and scared many businesses into closing and losing a TON of FRIGGING MONEY. “What The FUCK???”
I walked out of my house and made my way over to my Second Home, the venerable 
Caffe Dante on Macdougal Street in New York’s Greenwich Village, right around the block from my house. I go there everyday. I’ve been going there since 1985 and my first trip to Italy. There’re my family over there, Mario Flotta, ANthony, Mario Jr., and all the sweet waitresses over the years. Caffe Dante is Never Closed. Infact, there’s just one day a year the Caffe is closed, and that’s Christmas Day. They don’t close down for snowstorms, blizzards, or Hurricane Warnings, and not even Blackouts. When the Blackout of 2002 hit, the first place I head was Caffe Dante …  I was making a Bee-Line for the Caffe when the Blackout just hit and I ran into my buddy Joe C as I was walking over there. Hey Danny, what are you doing he asked as he was on a payphone. “I’m going to Caffe Dante,” I told him. “Mind if I come,” he retorted. Of Course Not. So we headed over. It was about 4 in the afternoon. Soon, one-by-one, some more of our friends joined us til we had a table of 9 people … We stayed there, drinking wine, eating sandwiches, hanging out with each other, chatting and making the best of a bad situation, there was a citywide Blackout, and nobody had any Electricity, including Caffe Dante, but they were open under Candle Power. They weren’t going to let a Blackout stop them. “Dante is Never Closed.” “What?” What was that, “Dante is never closed!” Well this is 10:30 AM Tuesday January 27th, 2015, the day after the So-Called Biggest Storm ever, a so-called Blizzard? There’s just 4.5″ of Snow on the ground. “What The Fuck?”
” Caffe Dante is Closed !!!!” This city is turning into woosy town. “WTF??”


Greenwich Village, New York
This Snowstorm was a farce. The whole dam city is closed down. Not many businesses are open, and for what? Nothing Fucking Happened! My # 1 morning cafe closed (Once Upon a Tart), my afternoon and evening spot, Caffe Dante is closed, “What The Fu_k?” I head up the block, “Caffe Reggio better be opened,” I say to myself, “or I’ll have a Fit!” Well, “Thank Goodness for Something! Caffe Reggio is open,” but I make a quick decision and decide not to go there yet, I’ll probably have to go there at least once or twice later on in the day. I’ll head up to The Marlton Hotel and have a coffee there, in the nice comfy lobby, a place I usually go for my second coffee of the day on Sundays. Well, I’m here now, hardly anything else is open. I just heard a lady (a guest at the hotel) asking if The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open. “It’s not,” she is told. Every Fucking Thing is Shut down! For what? We’ve been through all this before, much worse, and they didn’t shut down the Subway and scare people into shutting down businesses because vehicular street traffic was banned and the Subway and all Mass Transit was shut down. “What The Fuck!” “Don’t do this Shit Again!”
The Owner of CAFFE DANTE
by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke